Switzerland's Public & Private Support for ASM

Neil Harby, Chief Technical Officer, LBMA; Diana Culillas, Secretary General, SBGA; Jose Ramon Camino, General Counsel, Metalor Technologies SA; Monica Rubiolo, Head Trade Promotion, SECO.

As part of our Virtual Summit Series, Neil Harby (CTO, LBMA), Diana Culillas (Secretary General, SBGA), Jose Ramon Camino (General Counsel, Metalor Technologies SA) and Monica Rubiolo (Head Trade Promotion, SECO) look at the complexities and challenges of artisanal and small-scale mining, explore the effective initiatives currently taking place, and reflect on the key factors necessary for cooperation across the supply chain.

This webinar is CPD Accredited. For more information, please contact events@lbma.org.uk.

09 July 2020

Responsible Sourcing Virtual Summit Transcript Slides