Digital Gold - Part 02

In the second of the digital gold series, Sakhila Mirza, LBMA Executive Board Director continued the discussion on the case for Digital Gold with Charles Cascarilla (CEO & Founder, Paxos) and Raghav Chawla (Director, Fidelity Investments). Charles and Raghav talked about the challenges that come with the early adoption stage, how the focus right now is on technology and infrastructure, and what stands in the way of this industry moving into its next phase. We touched on security challenges in the area of bitcoin; we further examined the potential benefit of gold tokenisation such as ease of access and liquidity and the merits of a single gold token settling the standard to which others follow.

Watch this webinar, as Charles and Raghav share their thoughts on the opportunities and the challenges, and the case for digital gold.

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5 November 2020