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Silver Anniversary Medallion Competition

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

In April 2012, the LBMA invited Members, Associates and Good Delivery Refiners to submit entries to a competition for the design and production of a silver medallion to commemorate its silver anniversary. The specification for the medallion was for a one troy ounce 999 or 999.9 silver commemorative medallion, incorporating the LBMA logo, the dates ‘1987-2012’ and any other relevant features that candidates felt appropriate, for example depictions of gold and silver, the responsibilities of the LBMA or famous London landmarks. 10 LBMA companies submitted designs, with a total of 15 designs received.

The winning design, from the Royal Mint, was chosen by a distinguished panel of five independent judges. The winning entry was announced at the Silver Anniversary Dinner at the Mansion House on 10 December 2012 and presented as a gift to all those who attended the dinner.

The Design
The obverse design shows the clearly defined logo of the LBMA from a chaotic background. The ‘Sun’ portion of the logo is selectively plated in fine gold. On the reverse design the line represents the continuous movement of bullion through the market, with the line being the endless spiral described by a point on the circle rolling around the inside edge of the coin. It also touches the edge 25 times to represent the 25th anniversary of LBMA. If you follow the line, it will require eight full rotations to come back to the start point. Eight is a number strongly associated with infinity and constancy, and so symbolises the permanence of gold and silver even when alloyed. In Chinese and Japanese tradition, eight is also a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.