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LBMA Forecast Winners 2012

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The London Bullion Market Association is delighted to congratulate the winning analysts in the 2012 Precious Metals Forecast (see table below). The range and average price predictions for the 2013 Precious Metals Survey will be published in mid-January, with the full survey, including the commentaries, to follow later this month.

The aim of the LBMA Forecast is to predict the average, high and low price for the year ahead in each metal as accurately as possible. The prediction closest to the average price wins (based on the average $ daily pm fixing price). In the event of a tie the forecast range is taken into account.

The LBMA is grateful to PAMP SA for its generous donation of four 1 oz gold bars which will be awarded to the 2012 winning analysts in each of the four precious metal categories.


2012 LBMA Forecast Winners


Actual 2011 Average

Actual average

1st week Jan 2012

Average Forecast 2012

Actual 2012 Average

Winning Forecast

2012 Winning Analyst










Allan Hochreiter (Pty) Ltd







Thorsten Proettel









Tom Kendall

Credit Suisse







Frederic Panizzutti

MKS Finance S.A.

Many thanks to all the Forecast contributors for another excellent year.  Forecasters correctly predicted price rises in 2012 for gold, silver and platinum, although they were more bullish in their predictions compared to the actual average price outturn for 2012.  Forecasters were also bullish about the palladium price, predicting a 12.3% price increase although the average price actually fell by 1.6% in 2012 (compared to the average price for the first week of 2012). 

Congratulations to the four winning analysts.  The most impressive forecast prediction was by Thorsten Proettel who picked up the winning prize for silver by predicting a price of $31 which was within 0.5% of the actual average price for 2012. Next best was Tom Kendal's price prediction for platinum (0.8% difference from the average price), followed by Rene Hochreiter for gold and Frederic Panizzutti for palladium, with differences of 1.1% and 2.8% respectively. Commiserations go to Carl Firman who was in contention to win in two metal categories but unfortunately lost out marginally in both.



For further information please contact Aelred Connelly on Tel. 020 7796 3067 or Fax. 020 7283 0030


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