GDL Silver Bar Specifications

Specifications for a Good Delivery Silver Bar Weight:

Minimum silver content: 750 troy ounces (approximately 23 kilograms)

Maximum silver content: 1100 troy ounces (approximately 34 kilograms)

However, it is recommended that ideally refiners should aim to produce bars within the following weight range;

  • Minimum silver content: 900 troy ounces (approximately 29 kilograms)
  • Maximum silver content: 1050 troy ounces (approximately 33 kilograms)

The gross weight of a bar should be expressed in troy ounces in multiples of 0.10, rounded down to the nearest 0.10 of a troy ounce.


The recommended dimensions for a Good Delivery silver bar are approximately as follows:

  • Length (Top): 300 mm +/- 50 mm Undercut: * 5-15 degrees
  • Width (Top): 130mm +/- 20 mm Undercut: * 5-15 degrees
  • Height: 80 mm +/- 20

The undercut refers to the degree of slope on the side and ends of the bar and is calculated using the following formulae: 90 degrees(ATAN(H/((T-B)* 0.5))), where H=Height, T= Top, and B=Bottom dimensions of the bar, the bottom dimension being measured to the theoretical sharp edges.


The minimum acceptable fineness is 999.0 parts per thousand silver.


  • Serial number (see additional comments in section 7 of the GDL Rules)
  • Assay stamp of refiner
  • Fineness (to three significant figures)
  • Year of manufacture (see additional comments in section 7 of the GDL Rules)